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Filming Permits


All individuals or companies who wish to do commercial filming in Zambia ought to, first get accreditation from the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Labour. The Ministry, through relevant departments can supply information on everything one needs to know about production, transport and accommodation.

Please note: Foreign journalists or film makers who enter the country with the intention to do any commercial work within the Zambian borders without the necessary documents will face the risk of being arrested and charged according to the Zambian Laws.

Below are the requirements;

1. Please provide a synopsis of the film

2. Indicate the places in Zambia where you would like to shoot the film

3. Do you intend to interview any government officials for the film? If so, give their names and questions.

4. Who is your contact in Zambia

5. Give the names and passport particulars (name, nationality, place of birth, date of birth, date of issue of passport and expiration date) of the filming crew going to Zambia

6. When your project is approved:

a. Present a Customs officials at the Port of Entry; a list of the new equipment (and serial numbers) that you will be temporarily importing into Zambia.

b. Report immediately (during working hours) to the Press Office;

Zambia News and Information Services (ZNIS)
Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka

Telephone Number: 00260211253977 or 00260211251992

Contact Person: Maureen Kashweka

c. Take with you three passport-size photos for your Press Accreditation card.

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